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Personal details:

Name and surname: Xavier Kreiss

Date of birth: 10 / 02 / 52

Address: 9, Essendine Road, London W9 2LS

Telephone: (0044) (0)20 7286 4001   

Email: (for security reasons, this address is not "clickable" - please copy it by hand)


Work Experience:

Graduated 1975 from journalism school (CFJ, Paris) 

1975: three months attachment with l'Est Républicain (local daily, in France)

1976 to 1977: producer , Voice of America (French service) in Washington D.C.

1977: local reporter, "Le Courrier de Mantes" (Mantes la Jolie, France)

1978 to 2003: producer, BBC French service ( part of the BBC World Service, London)

1982 to 1992: London correspondent ( stringer ) for "Le Quotidien de Paris"

May 2003 to present day: freelance

Contributions (photographs and articles in French or English) to the Guernsey Press,  as well as British and French dailies

Translations ( French to English or English to French ) and voice-overs.



French nationality.

Bilingual (French and English), working knowledge of German.

Born and raised in France. Resident in London since 1978.


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