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-   Louveciennes (ten miles or so West of Paris) is the town where I grew up.  The town's official website (in French) is worth a look.
    Countess du Barry, one of Louis XV's mistresses, lived there in a small château. Other famous inhabitants include the composer Camille
    Saint Saëns, several Impressionist painters such as Sisley and Pissarro,  also marshal Joffre, and the American author Anaïs Nin.

-   Guernsey is a kind of second home to me. Find out more about the island by visiting the local newspaper's site (very clear and
    full of news,  photographs, and links). Another site worth visiting is Radio Guernsey, the local BBC branch. If you want to know
    what the weather's like, see this webcam.

-   For 25 years, I was a producer for the BBC's French service, now called BBC Afrique. It broadcasts international and African news
    in French. The site, like Radio Guernsey, has a wide range of links to other BBC pages.




    Le Monde: still the best daily

    Libération: good, more left-wing.

    Le Figaro: for a more conservative point of view


    The BBC's site is easily one of the best news / sports / entertainment sites on the web.

    The Independent: my favourite British daily
    The Guardian's site is excellent

     For a more conservative outlook, the Daily Telegraph's site is very good and informative

     For more in-depth  content, and comment, I find The Economist reliable

     For technology news, The Register is very good, chatty, regularly updated and NOT for "techies" only.

     German :

     Der Spiegel 's English language pages are a rich source of features on world and (especially) European topics

     American :

     Time magazine's site is one of the best

     The International Herald Tribune is strong on US but also international news.


     The First Post, a British online magazine with an impressive range of high quality contributors. It proudly proclaims its
     independence, adding "Our political OPINION has been described as 'ill-defined' and even 'all over the place'. This
     is what we want to hear"

3)  Miscellaneous:

     Are you exasperated by the sloppy standard of English "as she is spoke" nowadays ?
     I'm a fan of the Economist's style guidc . If only more people used it...

4) Computers / Internet: 
    I use a Mac, as I point out in the page where I give links to sites offering free / open software for OSX. But free software
    such as Firefox, Thunderbird, etc is also available for other systems. A good place to start is the Mozilla foundation's site. 


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